Invitation To Nordic Roaster 2007

Nordic roasters need a forum and a challenge in quality!
Therefore we invite you to participate in a friendly competition:


The competition is at the Nordic Barista Cup in Gothenburg 20th-22nd of September 2007.

To attend the Nordic Roaster you have to bring one espresso blend and one drip coffee blend of your own choice and combination.
The coffees you bring is supposed to meet high standards, sourced and roasted by your roaster before arriving at Nordic Barista Cup. The combination of the blends and the roast profiles will be open-source. All equipment necessary is at the event.

200 leading thinkers and doers from the coffee business will be the judges. The judges (attendees, teams, sponsors) will judge the coffees by blind cupping.
The Nordic Roaster 2007 winner is the blend with the highest total score from the drip cupping and the espresso cupping.

Apply to compete at Nordic Roaster 2007 by sending an email to before 15th of August 2007.
There is only room for 10 competing roasters. Therefore the Nordic Barista Cup Administration will draw lots between the applications. All appliers will get the result immediately after the draw together with “Nordic Roaster rules and standards”.

MEMBERSHIP:All roasters can become members of Nordic Roaster.
The roasters that will compete at Nordic Roaster 2007 automatically become members. Their payment (100 €) includes one year membership of Nordic Roaster, a newly formed Association for Nordic roasters.

The roasters that win the draw need to pay the participation fee, 100 €, on the web shop: (Entry to the Nordic Barista Cup event is not included.)
After the payment is done you will receive a confirmation mail with a “web order number”. Please send this email to us right away. Your participation is valid when we have received your confirmation mail.

If you have any further questions please contact:
Matts Johansson +46 709994167
Jens Nørgaard +45 40309828

May the best coffee win.