NBC2011 Talks – Pontus Dahlstrøm: The Nordic Approach

In this compelling and inspirational talk, Pontus Dahlstrøm of Olso’s Maaemo restaurant takes us back of house to understand the conceptualisation and execution of a beautiful idea. With just eight tables, serving 20 – 30 guests a night, focusing on seasonality and quality in ways many chefs and restaurateurs would only every dream of, Pontus and his Maaemo team have taken the curation of customer experience and the exaltation of the ingredient to levels rarely before seen.

Following a vigorous debate earlier in the day between attendees and Anders Selmer on the topic of coffee in restaurants, Pontus reworked his presentation heavily to illustrate the ways in which we as an industry have let ourselves down in bringing great coffee to restaurants, and provides a wealth of insight for turning this around.

Not to be missed.

NBC Talks – Pontus Dahlstrøm: The Nordic Approach from Nordic Barista Cup on Vimeo.