We are  organising a competition to design the 2011 NBC t-shirt. Everybody can join in and be creative. Deadline for your entry is July 26th.
On the picture left you can see the 2005 NBC t-shirt.

Everybody attending NBC 2011 will get one NBC t-shirt when they sign in to NBC. This year the t-shirt will be slightly different. Here is some information about the t-shirt we want you to design:

The t-shirt is white.
The t-shirt has a v-neck in front.
The design is from Mads Nørgaard.

The design is for the front of the t-shirt only, because we have the NBC logo on the back.
You can only have 2 colours in your design:
One of the colours has to be light-blue ( C: 81%, M: 39, Y: 15%, K: 1%)
You are free to choose the other colour.

We reserve the right to make changes in the artistic design.

Prize: Winner gets a free pass for NBC 2012

Deadline: July 26th 2011.

Send your entry as a jpg file, pdf file or eps file to: (before July 26th).

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