Lost In Iceland With A Thermos

Lost in Iceland with a thermosThe committee for the Nordic Barista Cup 2009 has been meeting and planning the competition for a while now. Here is some information for everyone who will be attending – or is thinking about it:

The title of the 2009 competition is “Lost in Iceland with a thermos”.

We will be spending some time in the Icelandic countryside, although the majority of the time will be spent in the centre of Reykjavik.

To secure the pastoral idyll we ask you to bring your sleeping bag and some outdoors clothes.

Here are some words to give you some ideas about Nordic Barista Cup 2009:

  • Costa Rica
  • Art/Music
  • Outdoor/swimming
  • Thermos
  • Basic grinder
  • Basic roaster
  • Cup of Excellence

Further information will be presented later here.

You can sign up for the event now if you click here.