Nordic Barista Cup Collects Money For Manos Abiertas


Foto: Aida Battle

Costa Rica is the focus country at Nordic Barista Cup 2009.This means that you will learn about Costa Rican coffees during the event through lectures and cuppings.

MANOS ABIERTAS It also means that we will collect money for a charity project in Costa Rica. This year we the charity project Manos Abiertas (Open Hands) will benefit from the outcome of the NBC auction and NBC bazaar.


Manos Abiertas is located close to Alajuela (NW of San Jose) in the coffee lands. The foundation cares for people with cerebral paralysis that have been abandoned and have nowhere else to go. It is run by catholic nuns and only survives by donations. The nuns give the people shelter, food, company, devotion and housing. Many of them are terminally ill.

This center is run professionally and is very clean. Most importantly the disabled people are treated humanly and they have the best possible “quality of life” given their medical conditions.

They have a project (for 6 years now) that due to lack of funds has not been completed and this is to build a separate unit where they would host and treat only children with cerebral paralysis in terminal condition, that require more intense medical follow up.

The nuns in the Manos Abiertas foundation are very grateful for any donation that could be achieved through the Nordic Barista Cup 2009.

Read more (in Spanish only) on the Manos Abiertas website.


Above: The building of a unit for children with cerebral paralysis is paused due to lack of money.