Nordic Roaster 2008 Winner

The Aricha no. 7 from Tim Wendelboe was the best coffee on the Nordic Roaster 2008 cupping table. Out of the 10 nordic rosters his coffee got 16 votes from 55 leading thinkers and doers from the coffee world. Ola Brattås from Tim Wendelboe received the challenge trophy Saturday night in Oslo after the 2-day event Nordic Roaster 2008.

The roast master Ola Brattås at Tim Wendelboe explained that he roasted two batches of the Aricha. He first roasted one batch as a light roast and the other batch was darker roasted. This way he hoped to enhance the two caracteristic flavours in the Aricha: the fruityness and the acidity.

Ola’s coffee was described as having an aroma with strawberry, dried figs, lemonberry, perfume and wax. The taste was like red berries, candy, ferment, very sweet. And the mouthfeel was fat and creamy and the acidity bright.

Ola can now call himself Nordic Roaster 2008. He received the trophy from Morten Wennersgaard from Solberg&Hasnen who was Nordic Roaster 2007.

You can read more about the results and the cupping notes for all the coffees at Nordic Roaster 2008 here.

Ola Brattås is the roast master at Tim Wendelboe and now also “Nordic Roaster 2008”. Congratulations!

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