Water, Water Everywhere…

Sure you’ve cupped coffee, but how about water? Better yet… how about a water cupping competition? That’s what the barista teams are facing now.   After a fascinating presentation by Morten Münchow on water properties, filtration and the effects of minerals, soluables and everything else found in your average cup of H20, not to mention purifyling filters by Guldager, the Danish water treatment company, bottled water and pretty much every other type of water you can imagine, the teams were given a chance to familiarize their palates with sample water brought from the home country by each team.

Now with two minutes for each round, the teams must cup three different samples and pick out the odd one. First off, every team got the warm-up cupping, now we’ll have to see who can keep it up through the next four rounds and garner whatever points the judges will award for this competition.

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