Nordic Roaster 2007 Information

The competition will be held at:

EVENT Nordic Barista Cup 2007
21st of September at 9.00 in the morning
Magasingatan 19, down-town Gothenburg

There will only be one Nordic Roaster 2007 winner: The roaster with the most individual votes in total.
The winning roaster can use the title and logo from “Nordic Roaster 2007”.

We will also give an acknowledgement for “best espresso” and “best filter” for the coffees with the most votes in each category.
Each person attending the Nordic Barista Cup 2007 will have one vote for “best espresso” and one vote for “best filter”.
The coffees will be cupped blind at the event and brewed by professional baristas. All coffees will be served in paper cups.

For the Nordic Roaster we need 4 kilos of espresso coffee and 4 kilos of filter coffee. Each coffee bag must be labeled with following information:

  1. Is it espresso or filter?
  2. Name of the roastery
  3. Name of the roast master
  4. Brewing instructions: “grams used for one espresso” or “grams used pr. liter of filter coffee” (see below)

We expect that someone at the Nordic Barista Cup 2007 will have the information about your coffees and be ready to receive the prize if you win it.

ESPRESSO: As a roaster you will only have influence on the amount of grams used in a double basket. So mark your coffee bags clearly with amount of grams.
The espresso coffee will be ground in a Mahlkönig grinder and tamped with ca. 22, 8 kg’s weight. The espressos will be brewed on a La Marzocco at 9 bar pressure, at a water temperature of 92 degrees Celsius and extracted approximately 25 seconds. Water quality will be Gothenburg City water and the filter supplied with the La Marzocco.FILTER: For the filter competition you can influence how many grams of coffee shall be used pr. liter for brewing. Mark the bags clearly with the amount.
Mike Khan from BUNN brewing equipment has fixed the standard parameters for the filter coffee. The filter coffee will be brewed on a BUNN brewer with Pulse Brew. There will be 10 % By Pass and no Pre Infusion. Water temperature is 92 degrees Celsius. Water quality will be Gothenburg City water.

Coffees for the competition have to be signed in at Chris Owens, head assistant at
daMatteo Torrefazione,
Vallgatan 5,
411 16 Gothenburg

We need to have the coffees before Thursday 20th of September at 15.00 in the afternoon.
If you send the coffees by mail or transport we will inform you by sending an email when the coffee has arrived in Gothenburg.


If you have any further questions please contact:
Matts Johansson +46 709994167
Jens Nørgaard +45 40309828

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