Nordic Barista Cup 2007 Program

The venue for Nordic Barista Cup 2007 is Magasingatan 19, down-town Gothenburg.

N.B. This is the preliminary program.

Thursday 20th of September

8.00 Welcome national teams

8.30 Registration with coffee and Arla breakfast

9.30 Welcome speech by Matts Johansson
Lecture Future coffee shop
By Martin Hildebrandt and Thomas Finn

10.30 Competition
Teams present their future vision and business plan.
The teams will be judged by risk capitalists

12.00 Lunch
Lecture Ecology and balance: Future food in coffee shops.
by Pierre Hanell from Green ‘n Lean

13.00 Lecture Coffee Sustainability
By Alexis Rodriguez from Nespresso

14.00 Lecture Future trends in tea.
By Kalle Grieger from Hälssen & Lyon

15.00 Lecture Nicaraguan coffee – taste and future
By Roberto Bendana from Cafés de Nicaragua

15.20 Cupping coffees from Nicaragua
Teams and attendees will cup coffee

16.00 Auction: teams buy coffee and tea for later use.
By Steven Hurst and Kalle Grieger

17.30 Boat trip to restaurant Tres

19.30 Dinner at Restaurang Tres
Lindholmspiren 5
417 56 Göteborg – see how to get there

20.30 Winner of the day

21.00 Olympic Coffee Games.
By our Norwegian friends

Friday 21st of September

9.00 Good morning coffee and Arla breakfast

9.30 Nordic Roster of the Year
A battle between Nordic Coffee Roasters.
Judged by everybody at Nordic Barista Cup 2007.

12.15 Lunch by Hello Monkey

12.45 Lunch speech By Beige project

13.45 Lecture Chocolate: Future chocolate and difference in taste.
Søren Sylvest from Chokolade Compagniet

14.45 Bazaar: Collection for charity program in Nicaragua.
By Martin Hildebrandt

15.15 Taste lecture: Terroir, system and communication
By Andreas Larsson, sommelier world champion 2007

16.30 Lecture Knowledge of why customers come and why the return
By Per Bengtson, winner of White Guide in service 2007

18.00 Get dressed for White Dinner

19.30 Drinks at Da Matteo Torrefazione

20.00 White Party, music from White ladies

21.00 Winner of the day

23.30 Go to sleep

Saturday 22nd of September

9.30 Good morning coffee and Arla breakfast

10.00 Coffee shop crawl in town.
Looking for signs of the future

12.00 Competition: Future coffee shop
National teams show their vision of the future coffee shop.
Come and invest your barista $ for an elementary school in Nicaragua

15.00 World record attempt with Nespresso

15.30 Clover Sommelier competition

16.00 Auction: Everything is for sale.
Collection for an elementary school in Nicaragua

17.00 Tent closes

19.30 Gala Dinner at Restaurant Ruckman’s
Byggnad 29, Nya Varvet
426 71 Västra Frölunda – see how to get there

21.00 Price ceremony

21.30 Party

End of the future. Back to reality…