Before and after Nordic Roaster Forum 2015

You don’t want to miss that do you?

It does make sense to fly in a little earlier and/or leave a little later when at the Nordic Roaster.


Nordic Approach will set up 2 cuppings; one before the show Thursday at 3 pm and another one Sunday after the NR board meeting at 12 pm.

Morten invites you to the in season cuppings:

Morten in the field

“We will highlight a selection of newly arrived or incoming fresh green coffees from Colombia, Rwanda and Brazil. We will showcase both new relationships and well established producing partners.

From Colombia you’ll be able to cup coffees from Huila, Tolima and Narino.  Mainly micro lots from single producers, but there will be some bigger volume lots as well.

From Rwanda we’ll have several coffees and producers. Among others from our own washingstation, Kamiro, in the south as well as a unique project from the west consisting of coffees from three larger farms.

Our Brazils are mainly from small to medium sized single producers of naturals in Minas, Cerrado and some washed and pulped natural coffees from the very different region of Bahia.


Michael De Renouard and Rob Hoos invite you to a live Loring Demo, where you are welcome to bring your own coffee to test (minimum 3K of green). The Loring work shop will start sunday afternoon at 3 pm.

Roast training The Factory

The Factory S-15 close-up

“Seeing and tasting is believing. We absolutely love the way the Loring gives us full control and immediate response when we roast. Please come and do a few batched with us Sunday afternoon. If you’d like to bring your own coffee for a test roast please send a word to Michael de Renouard