Welcome to Nordic Roaster Forum 2013

At 8.30 this morning the Nordic Roaster Forum kicked off. 52 roasters from 14 nations are gathered at Hotel Natura in Reykjavík for 2 days of roasting, cupping and talks.

You can follow us here:

Hashtag #NRF 2013
Instagram: @nordicbaristacup
Twitter: @nordicbaristacu (without the “p”)

First up was Trish Rothgeb. She guided us through the SCAA Cupping form before we hit the cupping tables. There were 4 coffees on the table, 5 cups of each coffee.

After that the 6 tables discussed their scores. The Picture above is the result.
The Black dots are the overall scores from the 6 tables.
Coffee number 1 and 3 were the same Peru coffee. This is usual, to check of the cupper is consistent. The cupper should be no more than 2 points of in these two check-coffees.
In coffee number 4 (Indonesian) Trish had put a phenol defect in cup nr. 3. That is one of the reasons that the cupping notes were like herbal, moldy, mushroom etc…

Next cupping is up is a short while for a talk about coffee chemistry and profiling. But first a talk by John Laird.