Sweden wins Nordic Barista Cup 2013

The winner of the 2013 Nordic Barista Cup is…


The top three competitors:
1. Team Sweden – 2624 pts
2. Team Norway – 2568 pts
3. Team Denmark – 2541 pts

The Task:
This year’s task was similar to last year’s, with a few changes to the format. There were no more signature drinks and no milk-based espresso drinks this year. Each team was in charge of their own bar station which served coffee to all the attendees who were scoring them on service, knowledge and the taste of their coffee drinks. Each team showed high levels of knowledge about the coffee they were serving and communicated what they were tasting and how they dialed in their coffees.

The teams were asked to prepare coffee in three categories: “espresso”, “manual filter” using any brewing method they preferred, and “machine filter” using the Wilfa Svart Presisjon brewer.

Based on the scores and comments submitted by the attendees, and by the 10 secret shoppers, the motivation for the winner of Nordic Barista Cup 2013 is as follows:

All teams showed:
– Great attention to detail, service minded and good team spirit
– Excellent service throughout and eagerness to engage with the customers at all times
– Good coffee knowledge, serving stable brew throughout the competition
– Well explained brewing methods and accurate taste descriptions
– Professional approach to all tasks given 

The Swedish winning team showed:
Sweden won the heart and palate of the secret shoppers with a consistently balanced coffee that stood out. They experimented with flavor profiles to show the range of the coffee. Overall the best brewed coffees, with consistency throughout the whole competition. Service, quality, functionality was perfect. Excellent in conveying their knowledge, valid information about the coffees, as well as the brewing methods.

Troels Poulsen & Tone Liavaag
Head Judges