2013 team competition: 5 TEAMS – 200 JUDGES!
The 2013 attendees are heavily involved in finding the 2013 Nordic Barista Cup winning team. During the 3 days the national teams will influence the 200 judges by serving well brewed coffee and giving good service.

Each national team will work at brew bar at the NBC location. The teams will brew coffee for attendees in the morning, lunch and brakes. The brew bar will be the only place where coffee will be served at the NBC location.

Target for the teams:
Make the best coffee with the best service and give the guest (attendee) the best experience.

All attendees will be the judges, scoring each team on their espresso drinks and black coffee (Aeropress, filter, Hario etc). The teams will be judged on coffee quality, service, team work, ambience, etc. The team with most total points wins Nordic Barista Cup 2013.

Teams will also be judged on their performance during the water quality lecture and during the Nordic Roaster Espresso competition. Furthermore there will be secret shoppers evaluating the teams both in the NBC event space and in the NBC Mathallen space, which will be staffed by the national teams continuously during the Nordic Barista Cup.

The national teams will consist of 3 baristas from you country. On top of that you will get one Brazilian barista as the 4th member each team.