Felipe Barretto Croce + João Hamilton dos Santos: Our Direct Trade Model

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Felipe and João share their experience with growing and trading high quality specialty coffees in Brazil.

Felipe Barretto Croce, Brazil

Felipe Barretto Croce is part of the Fazenda Ambietanl Fortaleza (FAF) project in Brazil. He oversees quality control and development.

FAF is a farm, a network of farms and a small family-owned exporting company, which is concerned with developing high quality specialty coffees along with environmental and social projects.

Felipe studied International Studies and Business at Washington University in St. Louis before falling in love with coffee.


João Hamilton dos Santos, Brazil

João Hamilton dos Santos is a coffee farmer in the FAF project in Brazil. He and his brother Ivan own the farm Sitio Canãa.

They have been developing some of the best Brazilian coffees since making the switch to producing specialty coffee six years ago.