Stationed at the back of an auditorium in Copenhagen were a couple of particularly lucky chaps. Their responsibility of getting the content of this year’s Nordic Barista Cup Talks recorded, cut and posted online. All the videos are posted to our Vimeo site, under the album Nordic Barista Cup Talks, 2012.

Find the 2012 blog/videos here.

The talks will, of course, be available through this blog, which we’ll be keeping up to date with speaker biographies, competition results, and so on at the Nordic Barista Cup 2012 Blog, so be sure to bookmark it now.

In addition, the Nordic Barista Cup Flickr and Twitter streams were updated regularly. The Twitter account is @NordicBaristaCu, and the hashtag #NBC2012.

The line up of speakers is just remarkable. We are so pleased to have with us Rene Redzepi – chef/patron of the iconic and revered Noma restaurant; Doug Zell – Founder and CEO of Intelligentsia Coffee; Tate’s Head Sommelier and Wine Buyer, Hamish Anderson; Nordic Approach’s Morten Wennersgaard; the eternally affable and insightful James Hoffmann, and very many more.

And the glue holding all these wonderful pieces together, facilitating discussion, and keeping speakers and attendees alike in line, returning to MC each and every session are the esteemed Jay Lijewski and David Latourell.

With twice the man-power on the task this year, and a few lessons learned, we’re aiming to have all the talks recorded more clearly, and posted faster, than ever before. We plan to be constantly monitoring Twitter in realtime, answering questions, and getting your questions answered by our speakers.

The stage is set.

Right now, all is quiet, but this empty stage is set. Microphones have been tested, every manner of connecting a laptop to a projector has been considered, and we’re ready to go. First thing tomorrow morning, this space will be filled with over 200 eager and excited coffee lovers, waiting for Rene Redzepi to expand on his presentation topic, ‘Coffee Is The Shit’.