NBC2012: Rene Redzepi – Coffee Is The Shit

René Redzepi
Noma Restaurant

The man responsible for the creative direction, and flawless execution at Noma, widely regarded as the best restaurant in the world, we are delighted to have chef Rene Redzepi come and speak to us this year.

With a career that has seen him spend time in the kitchens of French Laundry, El Bulli and Pierre Andre before opening Noma in 2004, Rene brings to us a wealth of taste and ingredient exploration, and has promised to conclude his talk by making a pledge to us all.

Having cooked for the Nordic Barista Cup banquet in 2006, engaging in a boisterous shouting competition with NBC attendees in 2011, and being a friend of the NBC for many years, we’re delighted that René has taken us up on our offer that he come and speak.

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