It did not take long before all 10 seats for the Nordic Roaster 2012 competition were sold out. Below you can see which roasters are competing. The format of the competition is simple:

Roast a filter coffee and an espresso coffee and bring it to the Nordic Barista Cup in Copenhagen.

We make sure that a qualified judging team of all 190 attendees will cup your coffees and give their (one) vote for the best espresso and (one vote) the best filter.

You can read the full 2012 rules here.

This year following 10 roasteries are competing

  • Tim Wendelboe,  Norway
  • Coffee Libre,  South Korea
  • Solberg&Hansen,  Norway
  • Fika Fika,  Taiwan
  • Kaffitár,  Iceland
  • St. Ali,  Australia
  • Kaffa,  Norway
  • Social Coffee & Tea Company,  Canada
  • Johan&Nyström, Sweden
  • Kontra Coffee, Denmark

Did you forget who won in 2011?! Check out the result here.

May the best roaster win.