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Norway Winners NBC 2003


We are excited to reveal the 2012 team competition for this year’s Nordic Barista Cup. The 2012 team competition is as simple as it is demanding – both for teams and attendees.

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Proudly presenting the preliminary program for Nordic Barista Cup 2012. We look forward to see you in Copenhagen. (July 27th version)   WEDNESDAY 8/8 Location: Café Europa 1989, Amagertorv 1, 1160 Købenahvn K. 19.00           Welcome to Copenhagen: Beer & snacks. 22.00           See you tomorrow   THURSDAY 9/8 Location: Faculty of Life Sciences, The Marble Hall, […]

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We have been working on this for the past 6 months. The list has been kept in a very secret place. The Nordicleaks on Sprudge told only half the story…. We are very proud to announce the team of speakers for this year’s Nordic Barista Cup.

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