Nordic Roaster Forum 2011 Talk: Michael de Renouard

Michael de Renouard has a back ground as wine importer. In 2005 he co-started the coffeebar Kaffeplantagen in Copenhagen.
Two years later – in 2007 – he became the roastmaster at Kontra Coffee in Copenhagen. He roasted their coffees, developed roast profiles and was responsible for buying the green beans.

In 2009 Michael applied for a job as roaster for Solberg & Hansen, a specialty roaster in Oslo, where he worked onwards with quality control. In 2010 Solberg & Hansen got a Smart Roast.

Michael is talking about his roasting experiences with the Loring Smart Roast and the Probat: “Maybe the combustion of the flame/gas/ oil-fired roaster (in the Probat) is adding something slightly unpleasant” Michael said.
His experriences are that generally the coffees roasted on the Smart Roast are crisper and they have a wider sweet spot with a convincing transparancy.

Tim Wendelboe asks about the cleaning of the Loring Smart Roast. Michael sais that they do not clean at all. It is designed so that you are not allowed to put your arms inside. Only the pedal takes a little chaff/burn, and needs a little cleaning. But after having the Loring Smart Roast for a year, they have never needed to clean it.

See Michaels power point presentation along with the whole lecture here: