Ready, set, cup!

Time for the “7 vs 7” cupping competition. But before anything can get underway the elite volunteers have to do their thing. A few pictures of the good people who make it all possible is in order I believe:


Marie (former Aeropress world champion!):

Other nice and good looking volunteers:

To get back to business the order of the hour is the “7 vs 7” cupping competition. 7 Coffees are lined up on either side of the table, meaning there’s 14 cups in all. The first 7 are lined up in a numerical order, the other 7 in alphabetical and the competitors have to pair the coffees. Its short its pictionary with coffees based on taste and smell rather than vision. All the coffees are from Sumatra, and the surprise of the lineup should be the Kopiluwa coffee, which distinguishes itself in being eaten by a cat like animal, pooped back out and then made into very expensive coffee. Normally this coffee is not particularly good, but Björg assures me that this years version is actually quite good. The competition was judged by Will Corby from Mercanta coffee and Iceland emerged the winner, with Denmark as a close second.

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