Nordic Roaster 2008 Result And Cupping Notes

Coffee nr. Roaster Blend/Single Origin Cupping notes Points
1 Johan&Nystrøm 40% Kenya AA, Farran
60% Etiopia, Yirgacheffe Sidamo 3, sundried
AROMA: A bit burnt, not so open, notes of melon and strawberry.
FLAVOUR: Well balanced, fine acidity, fruity and fresh citrus.
2 Brell 50% El Salvador, El Borbollon, washed, sundried
50% Guatemala, Santa Paula Coban, SHB
AROMA: Vegetable, woody, peanut, not so fresh, harshness.
FLAVOUR: Bitter chocolate, mint grass, hay, dry astringent mouthfeel.
3 Copa Con Oro 60% El Salvador, Pacamara
40% Costa Rica, Tarrazú
AROMA: Soft, sweet, bread, earthy, a bit burned, undefined fruityness, unclean.
FLAVOUR: Dark chocolate, spicy, nuts, dull, fat mouthfeel, dry acidity, low acidity
4 Kaffa 100% Finca Mama Cata Boquette, Panama
Honey processed
AROMA: Floral, sweet citrus, bisquit, mint, light, pleasant.
FLAVOUR: Bergamot, clean, citrusy acidity, clean mouthfeel, elegant.
5 Paulig 100% Kenya AB+, fully washed AROMA: Cedar wood, cinnamon, grapefruit,
FLAVOUR: Candy, Hubba Bubba, Grapefruit, Sweet bitter acidity, clear mouthfeel, clean cup.
6 Solberg&Hasnen 40% Etiopia, Sidamo natural
35% Sumatra, Petan Kopi, washed sundried
25% Indonesia Java Blawan, washed
AROMA: Kenya notes, freshness, burnt rubber, jammy, fermented fruit,
FLAVOUR: Slightly dry, earthy, jammy, Winegums, nicely balanced, fermented berries. Soft fat mouthfeel. Unclean cup.
7 KONTRA Coffee 70% Etiopia, Sidamo 3 Almaz Beleke
30% Kenya, Gethumbwini Peaberry
AROMA: Mandarine, light, flowering citrus, lightly fermented, strawberry sweet.
FLAVOUR: Juicy, balanced light, bubblegum, clean, lemon drops, pleasant sweetnes, full mouthfeel.
8 Tim Wendelboe
(Nordic Roaster
2008 winner
100% Etiopia, Aricha no. 7 AROMA: Strawberry, dry figs, lemonberry, perfume, wax.
FLAVOUR: Red berries, candy, ferment, very sweet and fat mouthfeel, bright acidity, medium clean cup.
9 David Haugaard 30% Panama,Gonzalo Rojas, pacamara.
30% Sumatra, Lintong
40% Etiopa, Aricha nr. 9
AROMA: Strawberry, burned bread, candy fruit, bitter chocolate, a little herbal.
FLAVOUR: dark heavy, flat acidity, sweet, blueberries, ferment, dry heavy mouthfeel, blanaced, medium cleanliness.
10 Kaffitár 60% Kenya, Karigocho
25% Guatemala, Huehuetenango, Rio Azul
15% Costa Rica, Naranjo, micro lot
AROMA: Light vanilla, sweet, bread, dry, dark, earthy, nuts.
FLAVOUR: Earthy, dark, bitter chocolate, woody, dull, dry in the end, past cropish, caramellized.

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