Nordic Roaster 2009 Competition

The Nordic Roaster 2009 competition will be held:

DATE: 19th of September 2009 at 14.00 hrs.

PLACE:Reykjavík Art Museum,Tryggvagata 17, 121 Reykjavik

The price for competing companies is 100 € for each company. The price includes Nordic Roaster membership. If your company is competing in the Nordic Roaster one representative has to be present during the competition.

Nordic Roaster 2009 is a competition for roasting the best filter coffee.

COFFEE:The filter coffee you bring is supposed to be sourced and roasted by your roast master. The combination of your coffee is free, you can choose a blend or single origin. Roast profile of the coffee will be open-source.

For the Nordic Roaster we need 2 kilos of filter coffee. Each coffee bag must be labeled with following information:

1. Name of the roastery
2. Name of the roast master (and name of person representing the company, if roastmaster is not present)
3. Brewing instructions: “use ___ grams pr. liter of filter coffee” (see below)
4. Information about the coffee (blend or single origin, farm name, variety, processing etc.)

The coffees for the competition have to be delivered to Thursday morning 17th of September between 8.00- 9.00 at the Reykjavik Art Museum reception.

BREWING PARAMETERS:You can influence how many grams of coffee shall be used pr. liter for brewing. Mark the bags clearly with the amount. All coffees will be brewed with the same coarseness according to BUNN brewing instructions.All coffees will be ground by standards of Mahlkönig on setting 4 on a Guatemala grinder specifically adjusted for the Nordic Roaster 2009 competition.

Mike Khan from BUNN brewing equipment has fixed the standard parameters for the brewing of the filter coffee. The filter coffee will be brewed into 4 litre thermal servers using a BUNN I C B brewer at 92 degrees celcius. The machine is adjusted to give a contact time of around 5 minutes. Water quality will be Reykjavík city water.

JUDGES: Leading thinkers and doers from the coffee business will be the judges. The judges will judge the coffees by blind cupping. The coffees will be cupped blind at the event. Each person attending the Nordic Barista Cup 2009 will have one vote.

On the voting slip there will be room for cupping notes. In this way we will be able to make a description of the coffee and a motivation for the winner. The Nordic Roaster 2009 winner is the filter coffee with the highest total score.

Do you want to compete at the Nordic Roaster 2009? Sign up for the Nordic Roaster 2009 competition here