Thursday 28th Of October 2004

Location:Kaffitár á Stapabrautinni

12.30-13.30 upstairs in the hall on a big cupping table
Cupping with Addý, Jose Cleofás and Marcel Clement.
Teams will go through cupping, talk about the taste, character and so on. Focus on taste and vocabulary. The teams will cup the origins, and have discussion about them, with guidance from Addý, Jose and Marcel.

Station 1.
Time: 13.30-13.45
Judge: Elisabet Lopes from DaVinci.
Helper: Steinunn, Inga Þóra and Ellen
Triangle Test: In the stockroom
The total knowledge of each national team should be of importance. Focus on different taste. Each team member has to be given a sheet, which has to be filled out individually and added up. Total sum added up by simple scoring whereas wrong = 0 and right =1. Total top score will depend on the number of coffees to be evaluated.
5 coffee samples – 3 cups each time – done 5 times.

Max score: 5 points
The Team with the total highest score is the winner of this part.
The judges will see how they work, and add up the papers.

Station 1.
Time: 13.45-14.30
Tools: Espresso macchine, pitchers, cups, 5 types of milk marked from 1-5
Helpers: Inga Þóra and Ellen
Steaming milk: blind steaming in the stockroom
The teams froth different kind of milk not knowing what kind of milk they are frothing. They have to tell simple things about the milk – low fat, soya, skimmed…..and so. They will fill out form that will be added up. They have to choose the milk they will use in the actual compition.

Max score: 10 points
Judges listen to the teams what they have to say about the milk, if it is low protein, high protein, and so on.
They will eavaluate Team work 1-5 and the milk test toatal of 1-5 points

Station 2.
Time: 16.30-17.00 Judge: Guido Helper: Kristbjörg
Tools: espresso macchine, cups, tray, 3x single filter groups
Making single espresso with single filter on time. Location: Under the stairs
The teams make as many single espresso’s as they can, in a time frame of five minutes and serve to the judges. They will get three single filter’s

Max score: 20 points
The teams have 10 minutes to prepare and adjust the grinder, preheat the cups and so on.
The judges taste the shots, take the time and count the shots and of course team work.
The scores will be from 1-5 in taste, 1-5 technique, 1-5 in time frame, and 1-5 in team work.

Station 3.
Time: 14.30-15.30
Tools: Paper and pen, sample roaster,
Judge: Inga Jerkovic
Sample Roasting and cupping with Inga and Ragnheiði: beside the roasters in the big hall of the factory. Helper: Hafrún
Sample roasting with Probat 1 kg roaster. Talk about different kind of roast colour. After they will cup it and talk about it.

Max Score: 5 points
Judges will look at the team work in this part 1-5

Station 4.
Time: 15.30-16.30 Location: In the cupping room.
Judge: Marcel Clement
Helper: Thelma
Tools: Grinders, Bodum Santos, Espresso macchine, Paper filter coffee brewer. cups and so on
Choosing coffee for different kind of coffee brewers.
Each team have to choose coffee for three kinds of coffee brewers. They can make blends or use plain origin. But at least one has to be single origin, for the Bodum Santos. One for filter coffee and one for the espresso. For the Bodum Santos, the one single origin they choose is the one they have to use in the compition on Saturday.
They will get roasted coffee, each origin roasted in two kinds of roast colour so they can choose.

Max score: 10 points
They will have the equipment to make coffee to try it out and serve to the judges.
Style, team work.
Judges evaluate their skills in working together.
Follow the working prosess when they test it in the espressó macchine, Chemex, Bodum Santos.

The judges will evaluate team work 1-5, knowlegde of coffee 1-5.

Station 6.
Time: 17.00-17.30 In the meeting room. Written test (group work)
Helper: Svanhildur
Tools: paper and pens and some water
Written test is to be given to the teams with emphasis on general coffee knowledge. Suggest that the test should have a minimum of 20 questions. Simple evaluation. Right = 1 and wrong = 0.
Max score: 20 points

Evaluation for each right = 1 and wrong = 0. Total right to be tallied.

For the Audience:

Cupping Mexican coffee – with Jose Cleofás ArreolaFriday 29.október 2004

Kl.9.30-11.30 at the Mjólkursamsalan MS in Reykjavik
Seminars and lectures about milk, molecules and the Latte truck in Sweden. The teams are not been judged in this part.

kl.16:30 at the cow’s home in the country side: To milk a Cow and make cappuccino using the new roasted espresso and very fresh milk.
Each team choose one team member to milk one cow
Into a frothing pitcher and another team member have to make one cappuccino in a home espresso macchine. They have max15 minutes to milk the cow and make 1 cappuccino and serve it to the judges. If they can not milk the cow, the farmer have already milk in a jar so they get the change of making the cappuccino.

The judges will evaluate how they act in a situation like this, team work and time.
The scale is from 1-5 adjusting in the situation, 1-5 team work.
Max score for this part: 10 points

Saturday 30th of October 2004

The main compition day:
Location: Kaffitár Roasting Factory at Stapabraut 7, Reykjanesbæ

Time: 9:00-12:00 five stations will be put up all around the factory.
The Treasure box will be introduced to the National teams; Alfred chief in the national chief team will explain the treasure box. Each team will be given one treasure box filled with all kinds of Icelandic goods to use for their presentation.
The teams are practising and preparing for the compition
They have to use everything in the box somewhere in their presentation.
It is their private time but the camera people will be filming and the judges will be in a distance watching them prepare.

13:00-16:30 Nordic Barista Cup Iceland 2004
Location in the Kaffitars cafe – Judges: Elisabeth Lopes- USA DaVinci, Guido-Italy LaMarzocco, Inga Jerkovic Germany -Probat. Helpers: Ásta Margrét og Heiðar

The teams have to make a two menu’s of minimum of 4 drinks. 8 drinks in total for the both themes.

The presentation today have to include at least:
1 hot drink with frothed milk,
1 drink hot and sweet,
1 Mexican single origin in Bodum Santos,
1 cold and sweet drink.
1 drink low carbohydrate,
1 drink low fat.
They can make more but not less.

The compition themes: theme is as café that specialized in Childs birthday:
And to day a lot of young mothers are in the birthday with their young children. They have not been allowed to drink coffee for 9 months but now they are allowed too. So this moment is very special. The child who has birthday today is going to be 6 years old.

2.nd theme is the a café that specialized in the Royal Family:
And today the queen of Greenland and the Queen of Faroe island are visiting the café. They are very much happy ladies and a huge fan of specialty coffee. They are not married and are a bit crazy and are use to do experiments. They also believe in the barista work and the queen of Greenland have been working under cover as a barista in her home town.

One team is competing is at the time. They have 30 minutes for their presentation
for 5 judges. And they have to make 6 of each drink 5 for the judges and 1 for the team to taste.

The Teams will be evaluated by taste1-20, creativity 1-20, team work 1-20, Presentation1-15, cleanness 1-15,

Max score: 90 points

For the Audience:

kl. 13.00-14.00 in the Kaffitars café
Tracing of origins – Winner get “surprise gift” for the right answer
Supervisor: Brynja and ‘Gugga’
The audience should make effort to try to link the coffees to origin. Coffee to be brewed in filter coffee maker. Could be any number of coffees – should be a minimum of 5.

Saturday evening 30th of October 2004

The last part of the competition

20:30 Sing Star – Compition (karaoke)
Each team choose one team member to compete against other national team member
Two and two will sing together.
The teams can choose the song they sing and they have to agree. The singing macchine (sing star) will say who will sing better, on the screen.

Max score: 10 points

After this part the Award will be given out.