Saturday 30th Of October 2004

Time: 8:00 in the morning
Location: Kaffitár roasting factory Stapabraut 7 Njarðvík

8:00 Questions
8:15 Teams get the treasure box.
8:30 Alfred chief in the national chief team will explain the treasure box.
9:00 The teams go and prepare
11:00 Teams have to be ready to compete.
11:00 Lunch

12:00-16:30 Nordic Barista Cup Iceland 2004
Location in the Kaffitars cafe –
Elisabeth Lopes- USA DaVinci,
Guido-Italy LaMarzocco,
Inga Jerkovic Germany -Probat,
Phuong USA.
Helpers: Ásta Margrét of Heiðar

The teams have to make two menus of minimum of 4 drinks, 8 drinks in total for the both themes.

The presentation today have to include at least:
1 hot drink with frothed milk,
1 drink hot and sweet,
1 Mexican single origin in Bodum Santos,
1 cold and sweet drink.
1 drink low carbohydrate,
1 drink low fat.
They can make more but not less.

The 2 compition themes are: “Childs birthday” and “Royal Family”

1st theme is as café that specialized in Childs birthday:
The child who has birthday today is going to be 6 years old.
And to day a lot of young mothers are in the birthday with their young children. They have not been allowed to drink coffee for 9 months but now they are allowed too. So this moment is very special.

2nd theme is a café that specialized in the Royal Family:
And today the queen of Greenland and the Queen of Faroe Island are visiting the café. They are very much happy ladies and a huge fan of specialty coffee. They are not married and are a bit crazy and are used to do experiments. They also believe in the barista work and the Queen of Greenland has been working under cover as a barista in her home town.

One team is competing at the time. They have 30 minutes for their presentation
and to serve 5 judges. And they have to make 6 of each drink 5 for the judges and 1 for the team to taste.

The Teams will be evaluated by Taste max score: 35point, Techniques max score: 25 points, Team work max score: 30, Presentation max score: 35 points

Max score: 125 points