Swedish Team

Charles Nystrand

16th place at WBC in Seattle, USA 2005. Charles has worked with coffee for about 5 years. At the moment he is living in Oslo and is working with Robert Thoresen at Java espresso bar. The working condition of coffee plantation employees in the third world is something close to Charles heart. He, and the whole team, thinks it is very important to serve ethically produced coffee.

Swedish Barista Champion 2005

Tutor at Beige Academy

Costas Pliatsikas

Quality and cleanliness are two very important things to Costas in his barista occupation. He is a dedicated and quick learner who has been in the café branch since he was 14 years old.

He is currently a part owner of News, a café & bar in Umeå.

2nd place Barista cup 2005

4th place Barista cup 2004

Tutor at Beige Academy

Lina Sandersson

Lina is relative newcomer to the world of coffee however her newfound passion has taken her all over the world. She recently returned from Canada where she made quality espressos for curios Canadians. Now she has returned to Da Matteo in Gothenburg to be coffee manager and to hold courses. One of her dreams is to own her own coffee bar in the future. But for now managing Da Matteo and competing in Oslo is nr.1 on her agenda!

Partition in Barista Cup Final 2003

Daniel Remheden (teamleader)

11th place at WBC in Trieste 2004. Has been working as a barista/bartender for the last 7 years at Herkules bar in Lund, Sweden. Has also been involved in educational projects concerning barista craftsmanship in order to elevate the cup quality throughout Sweden and promoting the role of the barista. A proud member of the Swedish national team who is always positive to open-mindedness concerning coffee. Inspiration and evolution is everything.

Beige Champion 2002

Swedish Barista Cup Champion 2004

Team leader Swedish barista team 2005

Tutor at Beige Academy

Torkel Björnsson Hultén (team coach)

Before Torkel started his career as a barista he worked as a cabinetmaker. He has the same approach to coffee as to his old occupation, mano, solid craftsmanship. Torkel draws the inspiration for his profession from all over the world.

He became “Swedish Barista Champion 2003” and competed in the World Barista Championship in Boston USA. Back then he was working as barista trainer and Barista at da Matteo in Gothenburg. Recently he has been hired as a barista tutor and expert at a local roaster, Kahl’s, in Gothenburg, Sweden. “A natural development for me as a traveller in the world of coffee” says Torkel.

Swedish Barista Cup Champion 2003

Team leader Swedish Barista Team 2004

Team Coach for Swedish Barista Team 2005