Swedish Team 2004

The Swedish national team consists of:

Daniel Remheden (competitor) Beige Champion in 2002, National Champion in 2004 and 11th place at WBC in Trieste.Has been working as a barista/bartender for the last 7 years in Sweden. Has also been involved in educational projects concerning barista craftsmanship in order to elevate the cup quality throughout Sweden and promoting the role of the barista.A proud member of the Swedish national team who is always positive to open-mindedness concerning coffee. Look very much forward to seeing everyone in Iceland.

Kaveh Azizian (competitor) With a long career in restaurant business, Kaveh has been working as a barista for past 6 years. He is Swedish Beige champion of 2001 and also second and third runner barista champion of previous years. In past three years he has been active teaching other baristas in art of making coffee and at the same time collecting valuable experience.

Johan Carlström (competitor)Johan is the Beige Champion of 2004. He has participated in the National Barista Cup two years in a row with great results. This year he finished in third place in the Barista Cup 2004. Coffee has been a big part of his life for the past three years. Johan works as a barista at café Nesta, Malmö.

Torkel Björnsson Hultén (competitor) Before Torkel started his career as a barista he worked as a cabinetmaker. After visiting the same coffee bar every Saturday for 8 years he was persuaded to tryout the art of coffee making himself. Torkel draws the inspiration for his new profession from several travels to Italy. Last year he became “Swedish Barista Champion 2003” and competed in theWorld Barista Championship in Boston USA. His currently work is barista trainer and Barista at da Matteo in Gothenborg.

Roberto Dell´Aquila (team coach) Roberto was born in Gallarate in Italy and moved to Sweden five years ago. He has worked as a cook before he became a dedicated Barista. He has a great resume both in the Swedish as well as the World Barista Championship. He won in Sweden 2001 and 2002. At the World Championship in Miami 2001 he ended 3rd. Since 2003 Roberto is also one of the Swedish judges in the national Barista cup. He is one of the owners of Café Nesta in Malmö.

Aldo Castiglione (team coach) Aldo Castiglione was born 1963 at Le Castella, Calabria, Italy.He opened his first bar when he was 14 years old together with his parents.In 1996 he came to Sweden and started his company Da Aldo gelateria caffetteria. He became the Swedish barista champion 2000. The following two years 2001 & 2002 he coached one of his employee, which won the title for two year and received a third place in WBC in Miami 2001. In 2003 a new employee competed for Da Aldo and won the Swedish Beige Award price and second place at the Swedish barista competition. In 2004 Aldo coached the Swedish champion for the WBC in Trieste.