Archives for November 2006

Enjoy The Nordic Barista Cup Once Again.

Nordic Barista Cup is a yearly event where leading doers and thinkers meet to inspire.

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Morten Münchow, Kontra

Sure you’ve cupped coffee, but how about water?

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Arno Schwenk, Probat

The colorette machine and process was explained by Probat’s Arno Schwenk and his associate Daniella Nowitzki.

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Anders Selmer, Restaurant Noma

Noma is ranked the 33rd best restaurant in the entire world, and that fact is especially impressive considering the focus on the traditional Nordic cuisine served there, which in the past has been much maligned.

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Stephen Hurst

Stephen Hurst, Cup Of Excellence

The intense focus on the Cup of Excellence (CoE) program and the importance of quality has been truly the highlight of day 1. The audience was quite responsive to Stephen Hurst’ definitions about quality and specialty coffee in general.

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Martin Hildebrandt

Martin Hildebrandt, Cafe Europa

After the welcoming ceremony Martin Hildebrant spoke about “Expanding Your Toolbox.” He wasn’t necessarily talking about a physical toolbox, however, but the one kept between your ears, your mind.

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