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Why would terribly serious baristas who prefer their espresso with hardly any accoutrements care to learn about sugar? It’s quite simple actually: they can’t call themselves professionals unless they truly understand not only the science behind each and every ingredient that comes into contact with their beloved brew, but they must also understand the desires of their customers, as well – and we all know how common consumers’ use of sugar and syrup is in their coffee and espresso drinks.


Who better to explain the science of sugar to the barista teams and the attendees than Mr. Lars Bo Jorgensen of Danisco? Not only did he explain the chemical properties of sucrose, fructose, dextrose and another sucrose to the audience, but he tested them on their abilities to taste them and identify levels of intensity and to distinguish between these different sugars. He also tested the barista teams, and the results of whose palates proved the most in tune to sugars will be revealed with today’s winner at the end of the night.
—Sarah Allen

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