Archives for August 2006

Clover Comp

Lucky Clover!

Any lingering questions competitors and attendees might have had about the Clover brewing machine were put to rest with a competition pitting the five Nordic Barista teams

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Iceland Flags

Whole Lot Of Latte Art

Was it a world record? I’m not sure, but it certainly was entertaining. In two five-minute sessions, each team poured as many works as latte art as they possibly could.

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Let Your Hair Down, NBC!

OK, so what would you do after an intense day of competition in the middle of a bustling, beautiful city? Get crazy, of course!

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5 happy norwegians

Norway Defends The Cup

Way, way too much hot pink, leg warmers, braided headbands, and other objects best left behind to the Jazzercize era reared their heads at an eighties theme party

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