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Sweet Stuff

Why would terribly serious baristas who prefer their espresso with hardly any accoutrements care to learn about sugar?

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Yet Another Delicious Meal

Here’s a hint: if you visit Copenhagen, you simply must try the food at Café Europa. Me, I’ve already eaten there four times since I arrived in the city last Monday.

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Coloring By Numbers – The Competition

After a presentation on the roasting process by Probat’s Arno Schwenk and his associate Daniella on the colorette machine and process

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Klau sAuction

Going, Going, Gone….

Leave it to the organizers of the Nordic Barista Cup to put together the dream auction for a true coffee nerd.

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Day Two Winners

Day Two Winners

It’s almost the end of day two and the teams have gathered to hear the announcement of today’s winner. It’s a little odd that the winner will be announced before the final competition of the evening

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Team Norway Brazil

The Boys From Brazil

After yet another terrific buffet-style meal (with a tiramisu desert that is simply out of this world) the attendees and teams take their seats in front of the stage and screen.

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Team Estonia

The Nbc’s In Jeopardy!

It’s the thinking baristas’ favorite game show: Jeopardy! And the stakes couldn’t be higher (well, unless the national teams were playing for real money anyway.)

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Day 3 – Taking It To The Streets!

It rained earlier, and the ground is still wet, but the clouds are beginning to break up, and it looks like we may have some nice weather for the rest of the event, the outdoor section at least.

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Denmark Roasting

They’d Sell You The Shirts Off Their Backs

The clouds continued to hold off the rain here in the public square of Nytorv while the barista teams hit the pavement with coffee in one hand a pail in the other.

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Noma Drink


You recall, of course, the box full of an odd combination of ingredients which barista teams were given by Anders Selmer

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