Day One – First Session

After a brief good morning and welcome to the event from the organizers, the team captains were recognized and introduced the team members from each country, including the very special guests, the national team from Estonia! Once again it proves that the primary focus in this competition is really sharing. The hope is after experiencing the Nordic Barista Cup firsthand and having free reign to all the information this year’s organizers have assembled, the Estonians will be able to use their knowledge to create a new event of their own. Perhaps a Baltic Open is in our future.


Martin Hildebrant just addressed the audience, speaking about “Expanding Your Toolbox.” He wasn’t necessarily talking about a physical toolbox, however, but the one kept between your ears, your mind. “If you keep doing what you have always done, you’re very likely to keep getting the same results you are getting,” he said.


He also asked the attendees to think about what it means to be a barista and what they hope the definition of a barista will expand to include in the future. This will be a theme throughout the weekend. Your mind is like a full glass of water, he said, if you share your knowledge you create space to learn something new. You can’t pour more water into a full glass, and some people have their glasses turned upside. Let’s hope I’m not one of those!


Break time. Clover and Bunn provide the coffee, La Marzocco the snacks, and everyone chats away.
– Kenneth R Olson

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