Copenhagen by Sea

As informative as the day’s educational sessions were, all attendees and baristas looked forward to the chance to head outdoors in the late afternoon for a boat tour of Copenhagen. Walking down the pier from the event space, attendees saw a bar set up from which they were handed glasses of champagne. Toasts were made, and then everyone clambered onto the pontoon boat. The tour guides could not have been more perfect: Fritz Storm (2002 WBC Champion) and Troels Overdal Poulsen (2005 WBC Champion) regaled the crowd with funny stories of Copenhagen’s history, as well as interesting facts about the city only a few are lucky enough to call home.
—Sarah Allen

Team Norway Cruise

Team Norway prepares for sailing in traditional Sandinavian syle

Guido Cruise

Guido and Andreas take moment to reflect on maritime traditions.

Sonja Cruise

When two cultures meet, what do you say but Skål!

Fritz Cruise

One of you tour guides, Fritz Storm.


Ship of fool? No, a ship of baristas!

Little Mermaid

The most beautiful thing in all of Denmark according to Troels and Fritz.

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