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Copenhagen Outdoor Cafe

Welcome To The Nordic Barista Cup 2006!

This is where it all began in 2003. The Danish capital city proudly served as the host locale of an unprecedented challenge between longstanding rival countries Denmark and Norway.

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Day One – It’s Beginning!

Everyone is arriving now, bright and early. They began trickling through the doors at 8 a.m., wandering into the massive space that the 2006 Nordic Barista Cup (NBC) organizers secured for this unique event.

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Day One – First Session

After a brief good morning and welcome to the event from the organizers, the team captains were recognized and introduced the team members from each country, including the very special guests

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Cup Of Excellence And The Future Of Specialty Coffee

After a speech about the Cup of Excellence and his vision for the future of Specialty Coffee by Steven Hurst from Mercanta Coffee in the United Kingdom

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Meet Luis Rodriguez

This guy is so awesome. Luis Rodriguez is a trailblazer for producing countries in his passion for the barista craft.

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Two Heads Are Better Than One

In a brainstorming session held toward the end of the day and lead by Martin Hildebrant, attendees were asked to suggest any resources they thought might be helpful

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Team Norway Cruise

Copenhagen by Sea

As informative as the day’s educational sessions were, all attendees and baristas looked forward to the chance to head outdoors in the late afternoon for a boat tour of Copenhagen.

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Dinner And Winners!

After a short break following the scenic hour-long boat tour, attendees and teams regrouped at Noma for dinner.

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Clover Story

Catching up with Clover

Some of you may remember the lovely Polish barista and café owner Joanna (Asia) Grzybowska who graced the cover of the February/March 2006 issue of Barista Magazine.

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Welcome To Day 2!

Thanks to the talented staff (chefs and knowledgeable waiters included), last night’s festivities left a few (er, make that more than a few) a bit bleary-eyed this morning.

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