First Day

Today the teams started out in the classroom with Arno Schwenk from Probat. It was a ”theoretical roaster class”, to prepare the baristas for their first workshop: Roasting Class.

Each team was equipped with 3 bags of green beans – ready to be roasted! The baristas from each country then were to choose the best roast of the three. From the roast the brew will be cupped by the attendees tomorrow, and they will vote for the best cup, and a winner will be picked of the roasting class.

The teams also learnt how to install the GB5 La Marzocco espresso machine, including general adjustment of the machine, temperature control and finally adjustment of Mahlkönig grinders. All five teams also had to do some cupping. Five different espresso blends were given to each team, and the teams grinded and cupped, and then choose which blend they wanted to use in the competitions. Although the workshops were not included in the overall competition for the NBC, the teams were evaluated during the day, and this evaluation will proceed until Saturday, when the winner is announced.