Competition Results

The grand final started at 1445 hrs at the Olaf Ryes Plass in Oslo. Each team had their own station and the cups run simultaneously.

The teams were to serve two espressos for rotating judges in two minutes. The judges then voted with points from 1-5.
Norway served the best espresso and won the competition with 19 points.

Next the teams were to show their Latte Art skills. Within three minutes they should serve two drinks with Latte Art. The teams were evaluated only on the visual and the time used.
Here the Danes showed skills worthy of a first place.

Final challenge was to serve two signature drinks – one cold and one hot. Syrup and espresso had to be ingredients in the drinks – the rest was up to the teams.
Finland scored the best points at this discipline.

The final result:
Norway 52 points
Denmark/Iceland 47 points
Sweden 45 points
Finland 37 points